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Aditya MAndan

Besides being your fitness trainer, I am a professional parapowerlifter. At the Indian National level, I have won 9 medals to my name. Out of them, 7 are Gold Medals and 3 out of the 7, I won against able-bodied competitors.​

STRENTOR is my initiative to promote strength from all perspectives i.e. Physical, Mental & Emotional. Based on my life experiences, I also take up the role of a motivational speaker.​ STRENTOR is designed in a way that lets you take personal online training for fitness coaching, strength training, body building, motivation and lot more.

Sessions at STRENTOR can also be of valuable help to alleviate chronic ailments, physical disabilities, mental trauma and similar issues. You will be glad to know that I am not just your personal gym instructor, but a mentor - be it for basic fitness or professional training. 

Having an unwavering vision has always proved to be the engine behind everybody's success - no matter how difficult their challenges in life. That is my core philosophy behind STRENTOR as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Whether it is to achieve physical fitness, mental strength or emotional balance, you can now choose me as your single point of contact - to build a stronger and better version of you - a version that you dream to see!


Our Services

We provide online training for below mentioned fitness goals.


Fat Loss

Get the best workouts online to lose belly fat and improve your physique significantly. We give you a scientific fat loss training programme you can use at home. Also use our weight training, resistance training, circuit training and other techniques with an easy-to-maintain diet for your fat loss.


Weight Gain

Wondering how to gain weight and look healthier? Use effective weight gain exercises and a well-planned diet to get the best results. We help you with strategic tips on weight gain, how to eat right and how to maintain a healthier physique all through your life.


Stamina Building

Get training to increase your stamina and physical endurance. Beat those challenging standards as an athlete and excel in sports. Get effective tips to increase both, stamina and strength. Develop your body into a strong and flexible machine through our stamina building sessions.



Tel: +91 73 78 310 111

Email: adityamandan@strentor.com

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