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Mahak Bhuteria

Financial Wizard

Short Basic Intro:

Mahak Bhuteria is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant, with a strong passion for finance and accounting.

Experience and Qualifications:

With over a decade of experience in the accounting industry, Mahak has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, spanning from small businesses to multinational corporations and non-profit organizations. This extensive experience has provided Mahak with a profound understanding of various industries and the complexities they face in today's financial landscape. The core belief is that each client is unique and deserves personalized attention. Mahak takes the time to comprehend the clients' goals and objectives, tailoring services to meet their specific needs.

Coming from a family of professionals, Mahak possesses a robust work ethic that encompasses discipline, commitment, consistency, and honesty. The journey through Chartered Accountancy has been marked by various challenges, reinforcing the belief that true strength lies in overcoming obstacles. Joining Strentor reflects a commitment to empowering individuals who may lack resources but certainly not potential.

In addition to the professional journey, Mahak is dedicated to giving back to the community and allocates a portion of time to provide pro bono services to start-ups and individuals in need, using skills and expertise to create a positive impact.

Services Offered:

Mahak specializes in financial reporting, tax planning and compliance, and business advisory services. The services offered include:

  • Corporate and Personal Tax Compliance: Handling income-tax assessments and representing clients in appeals before the Commissioner (Appeals) and the Income-tax Appellate Tribunal.

  • Domestic Tax Planning: Offering strategic tax planning to optimize financial positions.

  • Filing of Tax Returns: Assisting in the filing of income-tax and wealth-tax returns for residents and non-residents, individuals, domestic and foreign companies, and other entities.

  • Due Diligence: Conducting due diligence to ensure well-informed and secure financial transactions and investments.

  • Audit & Assurance: Providing comprehensive audit and assurance services for corporate and non-corporate entities.

  • Formation of Companies: Guiding through the process of establishing new companies.

  • Formation of Private Trusts: Assisting in the creation and management of private trusts to protect and manage assets.

  • Compliance and Advisory for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs): Offering guidance on compliance and advisory matters for organizations other than traditional banks, including licensing, drafting policies and procedures, agreements, due diligence, and registration with various regulatory bodies.

Impact Potential (Benefit to the Client):

Clients who choose Mahak's services can expect a dedicated partner who not only possesses in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting but is also deeply committed to their success. Mahak brings a personalized approach to every client, ensuring their unique goals are understood and met. Dedication to staying updated with industry trends and regulations means innovative solutions and strategic insights are offered to help clients achieve their financial objectives. With a focus on integrity, consistency, and excellence, Mahak aims to be the trusted financial advisor clients can rely on.

For further inquiries or to discuss how Mahak can assist with financial needs, please reach out.

Mahak looks forward to the opportunity to work with clients and contribute to their financial success. Feel free to reach out, and embark on this journey together.

Mahak Bhuteria
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