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Ashmita Dani

Dreams to Reality Mentor

Short Basic Intro:

Meet Ashmita Dani, your charismatic Manifestation Coach. Ashmita's journey into manifestation is rooted in her love for spirituality and her desire to help you unlock your manifesting superpowers.

Experience and Qualifications/Certifications:

Ashmita's unconventional journey led her to deep research into the science and quantum physics of energy and manifestation. She focuses on going beyond surface-level manifestation practices and helps clients manifest intentionally. Her expertise combines the "woo woo" with data-backed science, making manifestation accessible to various belief systems.

Services Offered:

Ashmita offers 1:1 coaching and Manifesting Mojo Sessions. Her 1:1 coaching dives deep into mindset, energy, and surrender, aiming for a complete transformation. Manifesting Mojo Sessions are group sessions where participants work together to overcome blockages and manifest their goals.

Impact Potential (Benefit to the Client):

Clients working with Ashmita can unlock their manifesting superpowers through a personalized and transparent approach. They gain a partner in their manifestation journey, with support, laughter, and vulnerability. Ashmita's approach goes beyond the tools, bringing clarity to the mystical world of manifestation.

Ashmita Dani
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