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Arun Kunjunny

Personal Transformation Architect

Short Basic Intro:

Meet Arun Kunjunny, your Personal Transformation Specialist, and the driving force behind Strentor. With a passion for personal development and a unique approach to transformation, Arun is here to guide you in breaking through emotional and mental barriers.

Experience and Qualifications/Certifications:

Arun has a diverse background, with experience in Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Photography, Poetry, and Film Making. He transitioned to the domain of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching. Arun's journey as a seasoned soft skills trainer specializing in communication and body language improvement led him to coin the title 'Personal Transformation Architect.'

Services Offered:

Arun's services focus on helping individuals overcome emotional and mental challenges. He provides in-depth, personalized coaching sessions that involve active listening and the creation of a safe space for clients to open up. His approach goes beyond limited change; it aims for a complete transformation in mindset, communication, body language, and etiquettes.

Impact Potential (Benefit to the Client):

Arun's approach is centered around helping individuals transform themselves comprehensively. Clients can expect to evolve in terms of mindset, communication, and self-confidence. Arun's unique perspective and expertise in personal transformation set the stage for clients to achieve lasting personal growth.

Arun Kunjunny
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