Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Exercising as a wheelchair user can be daunting. Finding a wheelchair accessible gym, the right equipment, the right trainer and battling those looks which try to demean your very existence in the gym. While I would advise you to not worry about those demeaning looks and look for an opportunity to go to the gym if you can. However, while you are building your confidence to go to the gym, why waste time? STRENTOR presents basic dumbbell exercises that can be done at home on your wheelchair.

Dumbbell Bench Press: The dumbbell bench press is a mainstay of workout enthusiasts worldwide. It is a classic move for building a bigger, stronger chest. As such, it is often placed first in mass-building chest workouts.

  • Type: Strength

  • Main Muscle Worked: Chest

  • Equipment: Dumbbell

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Rating: 9.2


  1. Builds bigger pectorals

  2. Also works the triceps and deltoids, particularly the front heads

  3. One side cannot compensate for the other, as in the barbell bench press

Incline Dumbbell Row: The incline dumbbell row is an upper-body exercise targeting the lats (latissimus dorsi) and upper-back muscles, as well as the biceps. Performing it on an incline bench helps target the lower lats. Dumbbell row variations are usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8-12 reps per set or more, as part of the upper-body or back-focused portion of a workout.

  • Type: Strength

  • Main Muscle Worked: Middle Back

  • Equipment: Dumbbell

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Rating: 8.8


  1. Builds upper-back size and strength

  2. Positioning on the incline bench enforces strict technique and limits momentum

  3. Works the biceps and rear shoulders

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: The seated dumbbell shoulder press is a popular exercise for building muscle and strength in the shoulders. The triceps also work hard in this lift. Many lifters find using dumbbells to be more comfortable and shoulder-friendly for this press variation than a barbell. This can be the primary pressing movement on an upper-body or shoulder day, or an effective accessory movement later in a workout.

  • Type: Strength

  • Main Muscle Worked: Shoulders

  • Equipment: Dumbbell

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Rating: 9


  1. One shoulder cannot compensate for the other, like it can during the seated barbell shoulder press

  2. The range of motion is not forced like it is with the seated barbell shoulder press

  3. Builds shoulder muscle and strength

  4. Particularly good for the front heads of the shoulder

  5. Triceps receive a good workout, too

Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl: The seated dumbbell biceps curl is a popular exercise for building bigger biceps. While curls can effectively be performed standing as well, performing them seated can enforce strict form and perhaps boost the mind-muscle connection. Like most curl variations, these are usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8-12 reps per set or more.

  • Type: Strength

  • Main Muscle Worked: Biceps

  • Equipment: Dumbbell

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Rating: 8.6


  1. Builds bigger, stronger biceps

  2. Great for building the biceps peak

  3. Eliminates lower-body momentum and enforces strict form

Seated Dumbbell Triceps Press: The seated triceps press is a popular arm-building exercise that targets the triceps with a single dumbbell held by both hands, extending it up behind your head. While you can go surprisingly heavy on this movement, it is usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8-12 reps per set or more, as part of the upper-body or arm-focused portion of a workout. If you are going heavy, having someone help get the weight into position is a good idea

  • Type: Strength

  • Main Muscle Worked: Triceps

  • Equipment: Dumbbell

  • Level: Intermediate

  • Rating: 8.9


  1. Builds stronger and bigger triceps

  2. Great way to target the long head of the triceps

  3. Can go heavier than other triceps isolation movements

  4. Performing this move seated eliminates any balance challenge and allows you to focus on the triceps

If you have any questions on how to manage these exercises or need advice on equipment substitutes in case, you do not have a dumbbell and a bench, please reach out to me and I will help design a workout plan curated to your fitness goals, keeping in mind your living conditions.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Before all else, there was water—bountiful, reviving, giving everything the body needs to renew the liquids it loses. People depended on it as their lone refreshment for many years. Milk was presented with the approach of farming and the training of animals. At that point came brew and wine and espresso and tea, all devoured for taste and joy as much with respect to the liquids they give. The newcomers—sweet refreshments including pop, sports beverages, and caffeinated drinks—offer hydration yet with a weighty portion of pointless calories that the body may have hard time controlling. On the other hand, "diet" drinks offer pleasantness without the calories, however does that make them a healthy option?

With such a significant number of alternatives, it is anything but difficult to be confounded about which drinks are best for our well being. To save your time, here is the takeaway:

  • Water is the most ideal decision for extinguishing your thirst. Espresso and tea, without included sugars, are healthy decisions, as well.

A few refreshments ought to be constrained or expended with some restraint, including organic product juice, milk, and those made with low-calorie sugars, like abstain from food drinks. Liquor with some restraint can be good for certain individuals, however not every person.

It is commonly best to maintain a healthy distance from sweet beverages like pop, sports refreshments, and caffeinated drinks.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Keeping up a healthy way of life as a wheelchair user is similarly significant as getting a comfortable wheelchair. Here are 7 tips that can assist you with carrying on with a healthy life.

Individuals in wheelchairs frequently report issues keeping up an ideal weight. They likewise experience the ill effects of emotional well-being issues more than others; however, this does not really need to be the situation. It is achievable to carry on with a healthy life in a wheelchair on the off chance that you follow the below mentioned 7 basic tips:

  1. Take part in Cardiovascular Exercise: Cardiovascular exercise is important to keep up the health of your heart and lungs. The objective ought to be to raise the pulse and become warm enough to start perspiring. This can be cultivated by swimming, playing basketball or wheelchair running. Wheelchair users should push to do this every day.

  2. Get a Good Night's Sleep: The principal issue is normally moving on the bed from the wheelchair. It very well may be settled with a wheelchair that can be balanced by the stature of the bed and has turning armrests to make it simple for the wheelchair user to lift, slide and move oneself on the bed. It tends to be difficult to find a comfortable position, so getting a decent night's rest can be troublesome. Comfortable pillows and cushions can help battle this issue.

  3. Keep up Good Posture When Sitting: Sitting involves an enormous piece of a wheelchair user's day, however it can prompt scoliosis, compel injuries and the powerlessness to inhale accurately. Therefore, guarantee that wheelchair users keep up great stance consistently. The best arrangement is to keep the feet, knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line while sitting.

  4. Be Mentally Healthy: Emotional wellness is legitimately associated with physical well being. Numerous individuals experience sadness. They may start to feel useless because they cannot do the same number of things for themselves as others can. They can likewise encounter nervousness. These conditions are treatable with directing and prescription, so it is critical to converse with an expert or talk with the specialist on the off chance that one is encountering any of these side effects.

  5. Forestall Pressure Sores: Keeping up one's position for quite a while can cause pressure wounds. Forestall this by utilizing pillows that ease your weight on the bed or the chair that you are sitting in, keeping your skin clean and changing your position each other hour.

  6. Clean up routinely and look after cleanliness: It is a fundamental prerequisite of a human body to clean up each day. Neatness and cleanliness guarantee the well being and prosperity of any individual. Particularly when an individual is wheelchair bound, it turns out to be considerably increasingly critical to clean up routinely. Most wheelchair clients abstain from scrubbing down routinely because their wheelchair is not shower proof and taking assistance from family or a caregiver effects their privacy. Yet, it is of most extreme significance that you clean yourself up thoroughly.

  7. Travel: Travel is a significant aspect of any individual's life. Travelling opens your brain to another world with different culture and fortifies mental prosperity. In this way, travelling ought to consistently on the list of wheelchair users yet it is additionally fundamental to avoid potential risk and make all the necessary plans like booking an available inn, arranging ahead of time and significantly more.

Follow the above-mentioned tips by STRENTOR and enjoy a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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